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Be it a camera flash light, the lightening that flashes in the sky, a flash in the pan or a flash of inspiration, a FLASH is the Fleeting Light Appearing Suddenly & Highlights. The camera flash light captures the most vivid image of what flash means but a flash mob or a flash back would paint vivid images of joy whereas a flash flood or a flash of pain would trigger images that are more diabolic. A key quality of a flash is the fleeting moment that it appears. That moment is what is critical, important and relevant to make the happening significant.

The light appears both literally and figuratively depending on the context of the flash. In case of a camera flash or lightening or a flash flood, the flash is clearly visible. In most other cases the flash is felt, be it in terms of pain, an image or a brainwave. Since flashes especially positive flashes appear momentarily it is essential that we capture the moment or it may be lost forever. This is particularly true in the case of new ideas, fresh perspectives, creative visualization or radical thoughts. Similarly flashes with a negative connotation appear momentarily but can leave behind a trail of destruction and / or trouble. Anticipation and precaution are the antidotes to negative flashes like lightning strikes and flash floods.

While all flashes appear suddenly, it is important to realize that it can be anticipated. This offers immense possibilities to harness the power of a flash as we can clearly see in how a flash is used in a camera. More importantly, to get new ideas and flashes of inspiration we must not passively wait but aggressively seek them out. A problem for example cannot be solved until one works towards a solution and most inspired answers come in a flash because one is working on finding a solution.

Remember a FLASH is a Fleeting Light Appearing Suddenly & Highlights options, possibilities and solutions while also making you realize that it has another side that can be dangerous and painful but which can be anticipated and prepared for.

Action Points

Think about the following:

You are accidentally locked in on the terrace of an empty building. Unfortunately it also happens to be a  long weekend. You also realize that your voice won’t carry to anyone and it is just impossible to attempt to climb down. The you look around and except for  the national flag fluttering in the wind from the flagpole on the terrace, the terrace is absolutely bare. You want to desperately get help and get out. What can you do?

Your boat has capsized and by sheer providence you manage to stay afloat on some debris. You notice that the debris is actually a broken dressing table floating on the water. You can see a lady’s vanity bag complete with combs, lipsticks, powder, a small mirror, nail polish, sprays and perfumes that has somehow got entangled in the debris. Fortunately for you in the distance you can see some vessels and boats. However they are too far from you for them to notice you. What will you do to survive and ensure you can be rescued at the earliest.

Did you get  a FLASH of inspiration and get some solutions?

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