Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Most of us have noble intentions, are idealist by upbringing and would love to be seen as heroic when the chips are down. In reality though, notwithstanding our most utopian concept of our self, we falter when we have to stand up to be counted for we do not DARE and go ahead and Display Action Risking Everything. We fear the consequences, we are terrified of being the odd man out and refuse to take risks that could disturb the tranquilly that comes out of adherence to the norm.

We do not dare because we are by and large creatures of habit and we would prefer to traverse the known path, rather than explore possibilities that could be tougher, riskier and possibly life threatening. Other times we do not dare because we do not want to move out of our comfort zone. Those who fear public speaking are classic examples of individuals who prefer to be passive audiences than active participants. There are many who do not dare because they do not see a value proposition in pursuing that path. Remember the time in school when you knew the culprit but did not dare to tell it to the teacher because you did not see how you would benefit from being a tale tattler whilst the risk of being ostracized by the rest of the class was very probable.

Almost all of us enjoy giving a dare to others but could possibly shy away from attempting the same dare, Remember the dares we gave people when playing passing the parcel ?  True some of those dares seem pretty silly and childish on hindsight but all the same they were still challenging then. However there are many who enjoy the thrill of taking on a dare. They would be the first to take on a challenge, find the tallest tree to climb or the attempt to lift the heaviest rock that he/ she can grasp. Ironically it is perhaps this very quality that could be their undoing for false bravado often results in misplaced confidence and taking on very risky dares. This might explain the number of people who get swept away when they go swimming in the beaches despite warnings not to or ending up in fatal car crashes when speeding and losing control.

Then there are the professionals who take on some terribly risky dares. The various circus artistes are a prime example of professionals taking on dares. The care and motorcycle racing drivers are another set of professionals who flirt with danger by daring to race on treacherous tracks and in dangerous weather conditions. The most revered daredevils are the ones who sacrifice their life in the taking on dangerous missions. The policemen, the fire fighters and the soldiers all deserve a special salute for the very nature of their job involves being daring. However, what is significant to the readers is the knowledge that each of us has it in us to DARE; begin by  following the law, the path of righteousness and by championing the cause of the oppressed, the down trodden and the marginalized; all it requires us to do is Display Action Risking Everything.

Action Points:

  1. Make a list of interesting dares that can be used whilst playing some party games.
  2. If you haven’t attempted any of these, go on DARE to try any or all of them

  • Hold a snake / white mice in your hand for 5 minutes at least.
  • Sing a song using a karaoke in front of an audience of at least 5 people (your family of 5 counts as audience)
  • Go scuba diving / go on a fishing trawler into the sea/
  • Wear a traditional attire of a region that is completely alien to you
  • Go for a classical music / dance program that you have never ever attended before.
  • Try to play some musical instrument that you have never attempted before. (eg. Try to play the saxophone / play the western drums )

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