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There is nothing as refreshing as taking REST for it is the perfect antidote to work, stress and tiredness. With the hectic pace of life in a fast paced world, everyone gets caught up in the rat race and opting out to rest is often viewed as a luxury one cannot afford. Yet just as a woodcutter pauses to sharpen his axe in order to do a more productive work, each of us is obligated to ensure one takes adequate rest for that is the perfect way to Recoup Energy & Stave off Troubles.

Recouping energy is critical in order to remain in peak fitness, prolong one’s efficiency and to cope with the fresh demands made each day. While we often focus on physical energy when we think of taking rest, it is the mental energy that we need to regain which plays a more vital role in an individual’s life. Mental fatigue could be an outcome of excessive focus (preparation for exams is a good case in point), a result of worry and stress (an impending visit to a doctor especially a dentist is a fine example) and / or a byproduct of lack of sleep and excessive physical work (organizing a family wedding of an immediate family member is perhaps a very apt example). Taking rest ensures that we let our mind/ thoughts/ feelings/ body hibernate and recharge.

Lack of rest often results in unpleasant outcomes physically and mentally. These troubles could be in the nature of anxiety disorders, exhaustion, ailments, distraction and disorientation and could culminate in serious illness. By ensuring one takes adequate rest we can stave off these troubles. One of the great miracles of life is the healing process that nature has bestowed on us. You would realize that the healing process is a function of time and supportive care. Rest is the underlying prescription for all troubles.

An unfortunate myth about rest is that it only involves distancing one’s self from regular work. An offshoot of this myth is that one ends up being couch potatoes, plonking for hours in front of the TV or computer or mobile phone. What one does not realize is that by being addicted to these gadgets subconsciously we are prone to anxiety disorders thereby adding to stress and completely negating the concept of rest. It is essential that we be aware of our urge/ addiction/ cravings of this nature for they pose the biggest challenge to genuine rest. Sleep is perhaps the best form of rest, for then one is in a state of bliss cut off from all distractions. Being in the midst of nature soaking in the wonders that abound could come a very close second as an ideal form of rest. Spending time with near and dear ones particularly in the form of a holiday could be another outlet to soak in the wonders of rest. Indulging in ones passion, hobby and spending time with ones pet could also provide us opportunities to rest.

The best way to getting rest is an individual choice. However whatever be the best source of REST there is disputing the fact that it is the perfect way to improving ones quality and length of life, for at the end of the day it enables one to Recoup Energy & Stave off Troubles.

Action Points:

Honestly answer the following questions to get an idea of the various stress busters that suit you and enable you to get some rest.

  • When you are stressed or upset what is the activity that helps you calm down?
  • How do you cope with bad news?
  • How do you face a sudden crisis?
  • What is the one indulgence you never tire of?

Which of these activities meet your idea of a good way to rest?

  • Reading a book
  • Watching a comedy serial
  • Doing some social service activity
  • Participating in or organizing a drama/ dance/ party
  • Your gifted something you longed for and trying to make the best of it.

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