Friday, August 31, 2012


With the Olympics having wound up just over 2 weeks ago, the lasting images are that of the winners taking their pride of place on the PODIUM the ultimate Place Of Displaying Intense Unique Moment. It is in that triumph that all the preparation, the sacrifices, the injuries suffered and the failures encountered enroute all seem to have played  a critical role in attaining success.

Whether sports or otherwise, for the views and audience it is the performance on the day that matter. However for he performer, the performance on the day is vital, but they can hope to strike it rich only if they have sweated it out, worked on going that extra mile, repeated and perfected the technique so that they are well prepared for D day. Unfortunately, there are occasions when the best do not get their due on  D Day and hence miss out on holding centre stage on the podium. A false start in the relays, foul jumps, a niggle that bothers or the sheer weight of expectations can bog a person down and prevent him / her from being a winner.

The winner’s podium has an unique elevation that recognizes the uniqueness of each person privileged to stand on it. I it also draws attention to the collective achievement of those standing on it. By the time a person is privileged to stand on a podium, the enormity of the achievement slowly sinks in and translates into an overwhelming mix of emotions joy, pride, sense of achievement and relief. All these emotions translate into tears of joy, a thumping of the chest, the raising of the arms and the mutual respect for each other. Competitors turn collaborators in a show of collective respect and admiration for one and other.

The winners be it the Gold, Silver or Bronze medalists know that their position on the podium was not a fluke but the result of self belief, sacrifice, persistence and hard work. The victory when it comes is savored with a mix of ecstasy, relief and excitement. These feelings are displayed with all the intense passion that highlights the uniqueness of the moment they have waited for. The PODIUM is not just a platform but Place Of Displaying Intense Unique Moment.

Action Points:

How did you feel when you saw an Olympic medal winner from your country stand on the podium? Could you emphasize with him/ her?

Name 3 individuals ( at least one of whom should be from the opposite sex) who
you believe represents the following

The 3 best sports persons of all time
The 3 best actors of all time
The 3 best singers
The 3 most loved people (outside of your immediate family)
The 3 best friends
The 3 best teachers in your life

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