Sunday, July 29, 2012


In sports and particularly during the OLYMPICS, the most eagerly looked forward to events are the races. A RACE is perhaps the simplest form of showing of superiority for all one has to do is Rush Ahead Challenge Everyone and the one who comes first is the winner. What makes a race even more interesting is the variety, innovations and complexities that have transformed races to become the pivot of sporting jamboree the Olympics.

The marathon has always remained a major symbol of the triumph of the human spirit and endurance, and the race most associated with the Olympics. However, over the years the races have evolved to broadly encompass the short distance races, the middle distance races, the long distance races and then endurance races. Walking race too has become an important race. The swimming events have made races even more exciting with the varied styles of swimming posing challenges for even the best. The hurdles and relays are innovations that have enhanced the variety and added luster to make the races more intriguing. With the introduction of the steeple chase the races have embraced complexities that add glitter and glitz to the simple and pure form of basic human entertainment and achievement.

For sheer ecstasy and emotion, nothing is comparable to the short sprints be it the hurdles or the 400, 200 and 100 meter races. While the timing of the top most athletes participating in these events is almost identical, what makes the race a sheer joy is the very high probability of upsets that can happen, These could be from the basic error of being disqualified for a false start or lane violation or it could be due to injury or a tumble that could prove decisive in having upsets hold centre stage. At the end of the day, it is the photo finishes that result in a whisker thin victory that sends the adrenaline of the officials, spectators and supporters racing.

A bit of glitz and sheen has been taken away from the races of late with athletes resorting to dubious means like doping and use of performance enhancing drugs to win the race. Despite these hiccups, whether you are sports fan or not, chances are that you will never miss out on seeing the races especially at the Olympics for you would be just as keen to bet on who would with the RACE and Rush Ahead Challenge Everyone.

Action Points:

  1. Do see the movie Chariots of Fire which uses the backdrop of race to tell a tale.
  2.  Check up the meaning of the following phrases which have the word race in them
  • Racing against time
  • Race to the finish
  • Feel my heartbeats race
  • The race ended in a dead heat
  • A one horse race

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