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One spectacular event that the world looks forward to with great anticipation, hope and excitement is the OLYMPICS. The reason for it is 3 fold; it happens just once every 4 years, every country has an opportunity to be represented and it is the one time when all are equals and competition is intense and camaraderie at its best. To understand, appreciate and experience this One Lively Youthful Meet of Passionate Intense Competitive Sportsmanship all one need to do is watch the 2012 Olympics being held in London from the 27th July 2012 and closing on 12th August 2012.

Sports in general and athletics in particular have always enthralled human beings. It is a test of skill, strength and stamina no matter what the event. The Olympics embraces all these and more since it encompasses an astounding range of sporting activities. With a wide variety of races of varying distances as well as a mix of obstacles as in the steeple chase there is no dearth of action, intrigue and surprises. The throws, jumps, the gymnastics and  the pool related events bring grace and art to superlative degree of finesse. To acknowledge our savage ancestory, there is shooting, archery, boxing, wrestling, fencing and martial arts disciplines thrown in. Team sports is represented in various forms be it relays, the ball sports hockey, football, volleyball and, basketball among others. An interesting facet of the games are the events where the sports person has to use an aid be it a horse for the equestrian events or a boat for the rowing events or cycles for the cycling events. Not to be left behind are the racquet events tennis, table tennis and badminton.

Every Olympics also throws up its sporting heroes and heroines as well as sets the stage for tragedies of epic proportions. Then there are controversies (doping related disqualifications being the most prevalent of late), occasional tragedies (the Munich massacre being a very unique episode), surprises and shockers. However what people would always cherish will be enduring images of extraordinary performances, remarkable feats by rank outsiders and underdogs and emotional outbursts, touching display of sporting spirit and the triumph of the spirit over mind and matter. 

While sports is the glue that makes the OLYMPICS one of the most eagerly awaited events every 4 years, it is the One Lively Youthful Meet of Passionate Intense Competitive Sportsmanship that enables the OLYMPICS to retain is aura, charm and popularity.

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