Saturday, June 19, 2010


One of the buzz words that marketing thrives on is CLASSY. Most products experiences and style trends are projected as Cool Latest Aesthetic Stylish Stunning & Youthful and the world laps it up for they are sold on that idea. There is no doubt that what is classy is open to debate for tastes vary as do affordability and suitability. While the younger generation prefers glitz, glamour colorfulness and techwiz, the older generation is more clued into functionality, sobriety and value for money.

Many a time classy products are perceived as something very special because they are priced high and have exclusivity because very few can afford it. No doubt these products have a major qualitative superiority and possibly very exclusive features and so appeal to a certain class of people who can both appreciate the exclusivity and have the financial wherewithal to afford these products. Classy products and services set benchmarks and could also spark of fashion trends. Style statements are often made by a classy display and fusion of fashion and personalities that are highlighted by the media and reinforced by a mass fan following.

Technology is a key trigger that is at the heart of the new age classy products. Where once we just worse canvas shoes to run with, today’s running shoes are equipped with little chips that capture and analyze data and give real time updates about the users health and vital parameters. Telecommunication has provided ample scope to innovate and the classy equipment and features that are prominently highlighted tempt even the most astute individual to fall for its lure and invest in it. In modern times the interplay between technology, personalization and exclusivity provides the perfect platform for marketers to pitch a classy product for each person. This ramps up sales, sets cash registers ringing and sets of mass hysteria among the gullible public.

The new age economy is now being transformed by the new mantra of creating needs out of luxuries. In effect we are attempting to bridge the generation gap and make every potential customer see everything as Cool Latest Aesthetic Stylish Stunning & Youthful; for the youth a shaven head is a CLASSY style statement while for the aging generation hair transplantation and silicon implants provide them the with the CLASSY image.

Action Points:

  1. Jot down 3 exclusive features that you would definitely want in your new mobile phone which are not there in your current mobile phone. Now rationally analyze if there are better alternatives to these features and how did you mange without these features so far?

  2. Assuming you had the money what will be the three items on which you will splurge on. Now examine if the 3 choices are because it helps to make life easier for you or is it for your personal pleasure or is it for you to make a CLASSY style statement in your social circle.
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