Monday, February 15, 2010


To Educate And Coach Humanity is the focus of all those who TEACH

One of the noblest professions, teaching is both an art and a science. The nobility of teaching stems from the fact that we are sharing our learning, our expertise and our experience with others with a view to making them educated, confident and independent. The science of teaching outlines the rules and theory which will help one to effectively impart the learning in a structured manner, provide guidelines for evaluating the learning and provides stimulus for upgrading ones own knowledge. The art of teaching focuses on stimulating the students to be attentive, encourage learners to experiment and personalize the style of imparting the teaching.

As the saying goes’ Feed a man and you will make him dependent on you but teach him to fish and he will become independent’ The nobility of the teaching profession lies in the fact that you are giving back to society at large, much more than what you have personally got from the world. Real teaching is all about guiding pupils through the basics, encouraging them to explore the more advanced and facilitating and encouraging them to move beyond he frontiers of academics and books and unlock their potential, be more creative and change the world. Understanding and empathy are two qualities essential for any teacher. There are times when the students feel restless, defeated and frustrated more so when they cannot cope up with the pressures of learning by rote, the weight of parental expectations and unfairness of being compared with peers on pure academic results alone.

Teaching is not limited to merely the classrooms. Our first teachers in fact are out parents, elder siblings, grandparents, uncles and aunties, neighbors and friends and religious instructors, all of whom instill in us the values, the virtues and the social graces so essential to make us gentlemen and ladies. Our good qualities, our bad habits, our thought process, our body language are all greatly influenced by the early teaching we received in our growing up years in the non formal world of family life, social life and religious process. Very often, many of what we imbibe is based observation of the examples set before us by family, society and community around us.

Real teaching therefore is the responsibility of each one of us because by our thoughts, words and deeds we are setting examples for the young to follow. Our lack of patience, our intemperate language, our penchant for gossiping and bad mouthing are all silently observed and incorporated by those around particularly the children and the youngsters. It would be best if we can be polite, courteous, well mannered, use the three magic words of please, thank you and sorry in our day to day living, for then if the youngsters follow and imitate us, they will be well tutored in life and we can be proud and feel flattered; as they say ‘imitation is the best form of flattery’

Action Points:

Have you attempted the challenge posed in the previous post of 7th Feb.2010, where you had to make as many words as possible of 4 letters or more with the alphabets  E T F S N S A and ensure that the alphabet F appears in all the words. Please attempt this challenge now!!
  1. Check out your own academic performance when in school and college. It would be unfair and unreasonable to expect your children to do disproportionately better than yourself in their academic performance.
  2. Check out your bad habits and the most common criticism about yourself given by your spouse, friends, colleagues etc. Ask yourself if you are setting the right example for others to follow. Outline steps you will take to curb your bad habits.
Many of you are anxiously waiting for the answers to last week’s problem. Here are the words that you can make with the given alphabets and with the F appearing in all the words.
Fate, Fast, Fest, Fans, Feast, Feasts, Feat, Feats, Fastens, Safe,
How many CLAPS did you give yourself?

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