Monday, February 1, 2010


The tough part for any new initiative is the start. Beginning a task, be it writing a blog or studying for exams or exercising regularly or giving up a vice like smoking / watching TV/ drinking always gets caught in the rut of excuses. Part of the reason is the lack of real incentive and the psychological pain of losing out on a pleasurable alternative. However if we look at it from a different perspective and expand it to read as Simply Trigger Actionable Results Today, START provides both incentive and motivation to set you on the path to success.

Well begun is half done – is an old quote with infinite wisdom. A good start must be well planned, the road map chalked out, the results measurable and the goal kept in focus at all times. Despite this, the real problem is to begin; we dither for it involves commitment; we hesitate because the road ahead seems long and arduous; we oscillate between ignoring our nagging conscience and rationalizing our diffidence in starting. 

We can have a good start if we see the big picture – the end result – visualize the feeling of elation when we have conquered our personal success peaks. Then break that big picture into smaller ones like pieces of a jig saw puzzle and start with the first piece in hand. Take it one piece at a time or in real life one day at a time. Remember the story of the clock – who one day had a nervous breakdown when it suddenly had a rush of blood and could not fathom how it would keep ticking for eternity. Fortunately the clock repair man diagnosed the problem and whispered in its ears – just take one tick and one tock at a time. The much relieved clock then went about its tasks smiling and keeping perfect time. 

Action Points:
  • Outline your New Year Resolutions. Now ask yourself why each of it is an important resolution for you; this will give you the big picture. Now list out how you propose to go about achieving the resolution starting today.
  • What is /are your passions. Choose just two of them. Now outline your action plan to scale that passion to a new level. E.g. you love to sing and you are a decent singer. Now if you want to sing on a bigger platform what are the actions you need to take? Put time frames for each action and begin at the earliest.
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