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What distinguishes the successful person from one who has not realized his/ her full potential is the BELIEF that they are able to begin with and sustain in pursuit of their goals for they Begin Efforts Looking Inwards Embracing Faith. As they say well begun is half done and self belief is the key to beginning a task well. Belief is not something that is alien to us. We were born with it but we were not aware of it. Look at a little child who first begins to turn on the side, then learns to turn over on to its belly and thereafter begins to crawl. While instinct and evolutionary process could explain this progression, one cannot deny that there was an unconscious self belief that propelled this progress. Look at a toddler taking its first steps. It falls, perhaps hurts itself, cries but soon the failure is forgotten and with renewed belief it keeps attempting till he/she has taken the first wobbly steps.

The problem with us lacking belief actually began when we experienced and understood the term fear. Fear sows in us the seeds of doubt and slowly the large majority of us fall into a quagmire of self doubt, insecurity and risk aversion. The antidote for this is calculated risk taking which involves making a realistic assessment of the reality around and then cautiously proceeding to pursue ones goals. Once we repeatedly do this and embrace success, fear is slowly erased and replaced by belief that comes from regained confidence, renewed passion and anticipated success.

The long term means to have BELIEF is in Looking Inwards and finding your strengths, your abilities, your passions and your temperament. In the process you would also become aware of your limitations, your dislikes, your fears and your inadequacies.  The process of looking inwards is a journey to self discovery; a path we often avoid, for fear of confronting the unpalatable. Yet it is this self discovery that liberates us from our self imposed limitations be it in being risk averse or failing to harness our talents. Ironic as it sounds, this is actually a conscious attempt to discover the unconscious powers within that have remained latent but can now be ignited with a zealous spirit and harnessed into a passionate flame that powers us and fires us from within.

Once we realize that we are powerful beyond belief, we need to Embrace with Faith everything that has to be done to attain our goals. As they say Faith can move mountains; and you can imagine how much more easier it is to move ourselves as compared to mountains, provided we have faith in our abilities, our resilience and our cherished desires. Faith transcribes self belief into a self propelling, self directed and self motivated ball of energy that launches itself to attain its goal.

So take a deep look inside and find your destination, then embrace with faith the efforts you have to take and the sacrifices you have to make and Begin your Efforts for that is when your BELIEF will translate into the success that comes with you Beginning Efforts Looking Inwards Embracing Faith.

Action Points:

  1. Source a copy of the book You will see it when you believe it by Wayne W. Dyer and get another perspective into Self Belief.
  2. Attempt the following task. With nothing else in your pocket other than a handkerchief and your personal id spend a day in the city and if possible raise as much money as you can for your favorite charity (without disclosing your intent or begging). Hints: (a) Do not carry any money or your credit cards with you. (b)You can earn that money by doing odd jobs. (c) Before you begin also write down the amount you believe you can collect for the charity so that you have a worthwhile goal to pursue.
  3. Read the post on FAITH - Finding Answers In The Heart by clicking on the following link

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  1. One of the ways to improve one's personality would be to harness the power of belief not just in oneself, but belief in others as well to become an interdependent person - you can work alone while you can depend on others as well, making in a win-win situation.

  2. Hi

    Thank you for taking time out to comment on the blog post.

    You make a very insightful point that one must have the belief in others too. This is particularly true for parents who often seem to lack belief in their children's passions, abilities and potential. Belief is also the bedrock of leadership for unless the leader has belief in the subordinates and the team, the overall performance would remain limited and constrained.

    Great observation that with belief in self and in others we can have a win-win situation.

    Do keep writing in with your comments.


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