Saturday, May 14, 2011


One of the traits that distinguish truly great people is their ability to be meek despite the accolades, the adulation and the applause that they are generously accorded for their achievements and stature. The background, their expertise, their sophistication, their wealth, their style, their achievements all become relatively marginal when they are MEEK because it is then that they come across as individuals who Make Every Effort Kind. In the process they actually strip away the veil of power, position and pomp that others usually see in them and then they are able to be one with the masses, displaying their truly human side and emotions of caring, loving, understanding and pragmatism.

It is often mistakenly believed that by being meek one is displaying vulnerability to the softer side of the person and that this signals a weak individual who can be pushed around. On the contrary, one can afford to be meek and should be meek purely because others cannot come up to the lofty standards and position that the individual in question has attained. More importantly, by being meek a person strengthen his self esteem, does a self evaluation and reality check by remaining grounded and can imbibe learning that is direct, practical and firsthand. A fine example of this trait can be seen in the politicians who have held office for long years; for it is when they are meek and interact with their constituents that they can build bridges of trust and confidence with their voter base.

One of the hall marks of someone who is meek is politeness. This is closely followed by two more traits, respect and consideration. In being polite, we display our cultured upbringing, our ability to bite the bullet in tough situations without rancor or aggression and express ourselves without treading on the self respect of others. When we have differences, disagreements or we are disappointed with another individual, our ability to appreciate the others view point without being inconsiderate takes a lot of effort. This effort culminates in us being respectful to others. Similarly the meek make it a point to see that others are not hit below the belt, the rules of engagement are not flouted and that a sense of proportion is maintained in criticism, in dialogue and in all interactions.

Ego is the one trait that one needs to have a good grip over if one wants to come across as a meek but effective person. If we cannot get our ego harnessed, our best of intention to be kind, polite, respectful and considerate will be futile because we would unconsciously lapse into a self righteous mode and become harsh, dominant and express ourselves aggressively. Money, power and intellect are at the root of all ego related problems. Once we are aware of this, we can make efforts to consciously note the ill effects any or all of these have on our personal behavior, style and communication. Arrogance, high handedness and sarcasm could be a set of traits that would reflect the ill effect of ego and the negative effect it has on trying to be MEEK for suddenly all attempts to Make Every Effort Kind seems very tough.

Action Points:
  1. Reflect on the thought that MEEKness could be the one quality that is unique to the Human Race and possibly not found in the animal kingdom. Does this make a good case for us to be meek in our interactions without being submissive and docile.
  2. How would you reflect your meek but assertive side in the following situations

  • Giving alms to a beggar
  • While tackling a very agitated friend/ sibling who has had a grave misunderstanding with you
  • Someone subordinate to you has made a grave error and the repercussions for you are rather serious.
  • You have a rather quarrelsome neighbor who disturbs the peace of the night with loud music and / or keeps the TV set switched on at a high decibel late at night.

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