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Our worries and troubles are often directly related to the guilt we carry around with us due to our propensity to commit sin. While many people believe that the troubles they suffer from are due to their sins from a previous birth, others believe that it is human to sin and that forgiveness is there for the asking provided we are repentant. Whatever the theory, the reality is that each one of us human beings is guilty of lapsing into sin off and on when we succumb to the lures of personal and materialistic pleasures knowing fully well that we are to avoid them. Thus SIN is nothing but Self Inflicted Nicks.

Perhaps the most common venial sin that each one of us is guilty of from early childhood is telling lies. We tell lies because we are afraid of the consequences of the act that we believe will be disapproved of  and so attempt to deny any wrong doing. Unfortunately we often get caught in our own web of lies and escape severe reprimand because of the magnanimity of the elders. Sometimes this makes us embolden and we indulge in a forbidden activity hoping not to get caught and if caught hoping to get away by telling lies. Using foul language especially when annoyed and irritated is considered par for the course but the reality is that it is still a sin for we are brazen, obnoxious and rude when we are foul mouthed. As we get more worldly wise and street smart we get caught in a myriad of sins too numerous to list out and perhaps progressively more serious.

If one wanted to understand the enormity of our sinful ways we just need to focus on what is commonly referred to as the 7 deadly sins: Lust (sex), Gluttony( eating excessively), Greed, Sloth (Laziness),Wrath (Revenge), Envy (Jealousy) and Pride. Even as you read this post you would realize that in some way or the other we have been guilty of most of these sins and a more objective analysis will reveal the fact that each time we sinned, we were responsible for it.  This means we have brought upon the sin by our inability to control our own senses and self. Strange as it may sound many of us get into a self denial mode and rationalize our sinful ways as inevitable. This is akin to Brutus justifying killing Ceaser by saying ‘I killed Ceaser not because I loved him less but because I loved Rome more’.

While it is clear that our human weakness manifests itself in our sinful ways, it is still possible for us to redeem ourselves. The obvious course of action is to reflect on our sins and be repentant for it. It also helps if we have the courage of conviction to acknowledge our sins and seek pardon from those whom we have possibly wronged. We would also need to resolve to control our senses and to trudge along the straight and narrow path of righteousness. This will often be painful and lonely for there are temptations in plenty and numerous distractions that we will find hard-pressed to ignore.  Yet they will be the balm that will surely and completely heal our SINs and cleanse our Self Inflicted Nicks. 

Action Points:
  1. Outline the 3 most common sins you are guilty of. Can you identify why you lapse into these sins time and again? Is there something that you can do to ensure that you have greater control over yourself and can minimize and if possible eliminate these sins?
  2. Do you think you are guilty of any of these sins? How can you attempt to overcome it?
  • Gossiping
  • Back biting
  • Being rude and offensive
  • Teasing others
  • Abusing your power and authority
  • Victimizing those whom you dislike
  • Taking your loved ones for granted

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