Thursday, January 13, 2011


It is said that the English language has three magic words and one of those magical words is SORRY. It often happens that knowingly or unknowingly we tend to upset people, hurt them physically or emotionally, betray their trust or simply ignore them and then when we realize our folly, the relationships is often strained if not completely yanked off. Fortunately the English language has this magical word SORRY that acts as an instant balm to heal all wounds, if said with sincerity, with feeling and with the hope of restoring relationships. SORRY is a Simple Option to Rejoin Relations Yanked

Unfortunately this word has been overused and used indiscriminately and so far too often its effectiveness has been dulled. Yet the power of the word sorry is phenomenal and when it is applied in the right context, for the right reason and in the right manner, it can transform relationships beyond imagination. The key is in using the word correctly. This is where most of us fail and perhaps the magic is lost simply because we say it without meaning the magic to work. Often, those who are offered the apology and told sorry are equally guilty of not wanting to accept the apology either because they perceive their hurt to be too deep and too malicious to be healed by the balm of the word sorry. Of course ego and thoughts of revenge too sneak in to the psyche to ensure that a SORRY is kept at bay till one has got even.

It is essential that one says sorry at the earliest possible moment when one has realized that one has made a mistake. Many of us take time to acknowledge our mistakes because the apologizing becomes an ego issue. This delay in acknowledging mistakes and deciding to say sorry could lead to misunderstanding and sour relationships which then become more complicated to restore back to normal. Equally important is the sincerity with which the sorry is said and the genuine feeling of remorse must be evident in the apology to make it effective and acceptable. Similarly it is essential that the people who have been aggrieved and to whom the apology is tendered be open and magnanimous in pardoning the mistake and being able to forgive. This takes a large heart, a soft approach and enormous patience. An apology must also be received with good grace showing respect to the person apologizing and saying sorry for it is in the manner and courtesy extended that will determine how the future course of the relationship will pan out.

A good way to view the use and effectiveness of apologizing and saying sorry is to see it as the oil that keeps the wheels of relationships moving. No matter how deep the divide, how painful the hurt, how swiftly the relationship was yanked out or how insulting the humiliation, if those who have erred can honestly acknowledge their fault and sincerely offer to say SORRY and if those receive the apology can keep their egos aside and seek a rapprochement both parties will find it the most Simple Option to Rejoin Relations Yanked.

Action Points:
  1. Do you now regret not saying sorry to someone with whom you have broken off or had a dour relationship? Similarly do you now regret not forgiving someone who said sorry but your ego didn’t permit you to forgive him/ her? Remember it is still never too late to forgive and say SORRY, for it will be a big burden of your chest.
  2. Look back at your younger days and recollect the following incidents and what you feel about it then and what you feel about it today
  • A time when you goofed up your homework and your apology was not accepted
  • A time when you bitterly disagreed with your parents and later they apologized for their tough stand although you knew you were at fault
  • The number of times you quarreled with your best friend/ lover/ sibling and then made up.
  • The power and feeling you got when someone apologized to you and you accepted it with good grace
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