Friday, December 17, 2010


When things go wrong, quite often we panic, we get frustrated and we despair. The negative emotions add to our anxieties and worries and make it hard for us to see things in the correct perspective. The net result is that we end up being very cautious, very suspicious and find it hard to savor the good moments in life. However instead of getting flustered if we can redirect those emotions by some positive thoughts and energy we will be blessed with HOPE and we will be Holding On to Positive Expectations.

Many times we see an event as something dreadful and irreversible and then we find it hard to focus on the anything positive about the whole situation. Assume a close family member is diagnosed with cancer, our immediate reaction is to visualize the worst scenario where the cancer has spread and the days of the individual are numbered. On the other hand if calmed down and accepted the reality with equanimity, we would examine the matter logically, factually and optimistically looking out for signs of HOPE to which we can cling on to. Yes hope can be generated by taking a cool, calm and unhurried view of events as they unfold, even if they are fraught with colossal bad news. The secret lies in remaining calm and unruffled but being alert to the evolving happenings.

To understand what it means to be calm and unruffled and yet be alert, observe a duck paddling in the water. They glide gracefully on the surface but below the water their fins are furiously paddling. Take a leaf out of the ducks style and adapt it to our own life and presto we have got the hang of the basics of generating hope. When calm we can think more clearly, be more proactive and hang on optimistically. By merely being calm we will reduce our anxiety and possibly think clearly but it still won’t be enough to trigger hope. To trigger hope in us we need to anticipate possible favorable outcomes, discount bad news with some signs of positivity and squeeze out the tiniest ray of hope that may exist in the circumstance.

Sometimes the key to HOPE lies in associating with people who are stronger mentally, naturally optimistic by nature and those who can stand by you in any crisis. Finding such friends is a blessing and you can find them when you seek them out. Sometimes they may seem to be people who are carefree and happy go lucky; others may portray an air of invincibility and arrogance, and there could be others who seem timid and aloof but they have one thing in common; a strong heart and a calm head. It is best if we can emulate their silent trait when in a crisis or else hold on them when in deep trouble and you will miraculously experience HOPE when all seems lost and suddenly you will be Holding On to Positive Expectations.

Action Points:
  1. Look back at a crisis situation you faced and recollect the pessimistic thoughts that went through your mind. Now look at how the crisis finally ended; did u panic in vain? Were you calm enough to tackle the crisis with fortitude and HOPE? What was the learning point from that episode?
  2. Assume you are traveling abroad and you have been mugged and lost your passport and purse and all valuables. You wake up in a hospital with the cops questioning you. What will be the next 5 moves you will make? Whom will you call first? What will your message be ?
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