Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Diwali the festival of lights is not just a colorful and vibrant festival but is a celebration that transcends all divides of color, caste, religion, sex, race and any form of inequality. It is very significant that the festival is symbolically characterized by illumination of light, which in many ways helps us see things better, adds color to the environment and spreads cheer all around. When we reflect on this we can clearly see that LIGHT is easily identified as Lovingly Illuminating Gods Heavenly Touch.

Significantly, we use the word light in varied contexts, all of which have a very positive and have a very constructive meaning. One can light up the home or darkened place with the light and one can point to someone we love deeply and say he/ she is the light of our life. Spreading knowledge is equivalent to spreading light. The obvious conclusion one can draw is that light has that special touch that makes it so precious for everyone of us. While sunlight was always taken for granted, moonlight has always evoked romantic ideas, been the ephemeral symbol of love and has been the source of light for savage man during the nights, long before he discovered fire as another source of light. Both the SUN and the MOON have been light sources that stand Eternal testimony to the reality, that they Lovingly Illuminate Gods Heavenly Touch.

The stars have also long fascinated the human race. Over thousands of years, star gazers have used that light source to identify a pattern in God’s plan for this universe. With the constellations illuminating the sky and the North Star guiding the lost way farer and seafarer, the light source became the dominant sign post that celebrated the wonder of God’s creation called night. The distinctive pattern of the star has also made it the obvious choice to represent light on all festive occasions in almost all countries and cultures. 

LIGHT in the form of lit candles or lit lamps, is still the most important item in any auspicious and significant event be it a religious event, a cultural event or a simple birthday. Candle light vigils add to the solemnity of a tragedy and when used in protests signify the abiding pain of the protestors. Notice that the interplay of light is used to convey more than what words can; it is used to denote a connect with our ancient past where fire source was the first artificially created light source, it represents a continuity with tradition despite the progress of mankind and the use of modern laser light based shows as also the laser based technologically advanced medical treatments showcase the immense potential and power of light. It simply reinforces our belief therefore that LIGHT Lovingly Illuminates Gods Heavenly Touch.

Action Points:
  1. Draw a star with as many corners as the number of alphabets in your first name. eg. JACK has five alphabets. So draw a star with 4 corners. If the name is AUGUSTINE draw a star with 9 corners. Starting with the top most point enter the alphabets of your name in order going clockwise. This is a personal star of honor you have designed for your self and as tribute to your personal efforts and individual personality.
  2. On a clear night spend some time trying to identify the patterns formed by the stars. Take the help of some professional star watchers too and appreciate the wonder of nature and the power in those small twinkling lights millions of light years away. Also look out for the full moon nights and appreciate it. Switch off the lights and then light different types of candles and see the effect of the light. Go for a candle light dinner and enjoy the ambience and the setting whilst enjoying the dinner.  
  3. In a dark room light a candle and then using the shadows formed by your hands and fingers create images on the wall. Also do a YOU TUBE search to see  how skilled people can use the interplay of light and shadows to create wonders.
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